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I invite you to reset your life!  Align with your true nature and create more clarity, freedom, peace and joy in your life! 


You’re Here For A Reason….


Perhaps you’re looking for something different to show up in your life? You imagine a life with greater possibilities. It might be better relationships, improved health and wellness or more money you’re after? Deep inside your knowing tells you “it’s not meant to be like this. You’re meant to be living with more ease and joy in your life…” change your life

That inner knowing is trying to tell you something, to guide you.

Would you like to learn some amazing tools to support you to discover for yourself your own inner resources and answers to your own questions? change your life

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Get Inspired…


Through my work and the information via this site I share my gifts, life experience and tools to innovate and inspire you to let go of what’s limiting you and create the change you desire.   Be empowered to make different choices, to go after what you most desire, whether it’s reinventing yourself, your career, your personal life or improving your health, wellbeing and relationships to live your dream life.

change your life

Here’s What You’ll Get…


Whether you want to dip your toe in the water by booking a private session, workshop or reboot your life with a healing package, we can help you get started on the journey to reclaim your health and vitality and be empowered to make the right choices to create more ease and joy in your life.


Spiritual Mentoring Energy Healing Mindfulness Meditation

change your life

Who Do I Work With?


Women in business.  Those on the corporate career path all the way through to solo entrepreneurs and health practitioners.

I offer a unique combination of programs and mentoring to help business women connect with their passion and resilience, activate their vital energy and thrive!

What Will You Learn?

Your Words And Your Point of View Can Change Your Life!


Your words and your point of view carry energy and can contribute or contaminate to your health and wellbeing. Your body holds an energetic blueprint of all that’s happened to you, past and present.  By sensing energy blocks creating limitation, I help you gently release emotional, physical or spiritual dis-ease and shift whatever is keeping you stuck.

Wendy is passionate about empowering you to create new possibilities to change your life.

What’s The Next Step?


If you are looking for something more and want to make new choices to create the career, wellbeing and life you want, book a FREE Discovery Session with Wendy so you can decide if we are a good match. Look forward to speaking with you soon!



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change your life

"2020-2021 has been such a rollercoaster ride of a time period for me. Apart from the COVID-2019 pandemic and being stuck at home in quarantine for over a year, I have lost many loved ones back to back. Everything seemed surreal. Work was bleeding into my personal time and I was burnt out. I was doing a Personal Passion Mapping program with Passion Maps to help me recalibrate, but in the beginning, I was not fully present, which is needed to be able to reap the benefits of the program. My PM coach, Peter Wallman, suggested I do some energy clearing work with Wendy considering the amount of stress and emotional turmoil I was in, before we proceeded with our Passion Mapping sessions. Wendy and I connected and she helped me clear the negative energy I was holding on to and those from others as well. She helped put me on the track to clearing my headspace, and she was a supportive presence during a difficult and confusing time. After our sessions, she also gave me a practical list of habits and things I could do to avoid overwhelm. She's a delight and I recommend you explore possibilities with her skillset and expertise."

Janine Mae Aliño,Marketing Strategy Consultant, Bizninja Business Support Services, Philippines

“Wendy Nash is one of those professionals who exudes both passion for her work AND deep wisdom and knowledge. Just to be in her presence (actual or virtual) is calming, reassuring and positively energising. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Roger West AM., Director, WestWood Spice, Sydney

"I have completed the passion planning maps with Wendy Nash. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to work with Wendy. She's such a gentle and beautiful soul. And she's been so pivotal in helping me work through my passions and see that there is a path that I can follow. I highly recommend Wendy to everybody who's not quite sure where they're going in life or just really wanting to re-look at their goals, where they're going and find a path to move forward. I've learned so much I can't wait to put it all into action…. Well I've already started! It's just been such an amazing and empowering journey and I feel very privileged to have gone on it. And next, my partner and I will be doing our Relationship Map and we can't wait for it. Awesome!"

Monique Dwyer,Property Manager, Qld

"I am so grateful to have Wendy as my facilitator. From the first session, she was very patient and supportive, she helped me through my passion elements discovering my qualities, as if I am getting to know myself for the first time in a beautiful, loving way!! I now walk with purpose and confidence, my love for myself and life is growing day by day. And I now have inner happiness that I longed to feel since years.
This is the best investment that I recommend for everyone I know and care for."

Sherine Noueihed, Managing Director at Tribz Ltd

"Wendy Nash has been a mentor to me for over 20 years. Her spiritual counselling and energy healing have supported me during times when I’ve needed clarity and guidance. Wendy has a holistic approach to wellbeing and is a professional, spiritual, warm and respectful mentor. I have always had very good results and highly recommend her."

Robyn Selby, Homeopath, Vaucluse NSW