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The Zen Chi machine has been around for more than 15 years, the later model comes with rubber ankle support!

How it works:

The Zen Chi produces a motion through the body, similar to a swimming fish.  This motion opens the vertebrae alleviating stress and tension on the spinal column. The rhythmic motion is core driven, producing a balanced energy wave through the body. This motion replicates exercise and promotes the flow of blood throughout the body. Detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis

The Zen Chi can help you overcome:

Tiredness and Fatigue, Digestive Problems, Insomnia, Weight Problems, Stress and tension, Aches and pains, Arthritic pains, Lack of exercise, Poor Posture

How is it used?

Lying with your feet in the Zen Chi machine’s cradle, simply set the timer for the desired length of exercise.  This will start the exercise movement.  Relax, clear your mind and allow your whole body to rock from side to side as if you are being massaged. The more you relax the greater the sensation.  The results of this non-impact exercise movement are excellent.

To gain the benefits of regular exercise such as increased energy levels, a slimmer body, enhanced self-confidence and that great sense of well being, order your Zen Chi now!

For Optimal Results:

  • Drink a large glass of warm water before and after each exercise session to help aid blood circulation and digestion.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • If you sweat during your exercise session, be sure to cover yourself to prevent chills and colds.
  • Exercise twice daily for 15 minute sessions on the Zen Chi to achieve your goals.

“I love the Zen Chi machine! It improves the chi flow through the meridians, relieves back pain, improves alignment and allows more restful sleep.” …. Wendy Nash

For more information on how to order please contact me.

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