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Corporate women, conscious choices, greater possibilities!

Women in their 40’s and beyond are finding it harder to keep going in the workforce and in business. Often they say they don’t have the confidence they once had when at the top of their game, or the passion .. and now feel less and struggle with confidence. But are they mistaking confidence with ego?

Working with a number of these women I understand they’re tired from years in high powered jobs often whilst raising a family but with years of experience comes wisdom and knowing… and confidence. Confidence from knowing what they can achieve, what they’re capable of and what they will or will not put up with.  They know who they are at a deeper level.  No they have not lost their confidence but perhaps some of their ego and are comparing themselves with the younger ones in the corporate arena.

Stop comparing! This is a time to really step into who you truly are whether by learning new tools and self-care regimes to help you stay in balance to cope with the corporate job or running your business.  You have choices…. make a self-care plan to get yourself back in shape and be the shining light to the younger ones or choose something different.  It’s time to re-assess and take stock of where you are now and what future you choose to create.

Is it time to make new choices?  Re-invent yourself? Create the life you dream of?

What choices have you made that brought you to where you are now?

Life is always moving and shifting and we need to take the time now and then along the way to check in with where we are and what we wish to create.  Our thoughts, what we tell ourselves and the choices we make are what create our life.  If you want something different to show up, you  need to make different choices.

What will you choose today to create a different future?


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