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Energy Healing

The Grail Haven Flower Essences

By April 6, 2020July 29th, 2020No Comments

The Grail Haven Flower Essences

In this time of crisis on planet Earth, vibrational healing is urgently needed.

For those who understand that vibrational medicine works on the etheric and astral planes before a physical disease can materialise, there is much evidence that these flower essences will work on these inner subtle energy planes.  From indigenous peoples of centuries past, they have always been trusted as a powerful way of self-healing.

The Grail Haven Flower Essences were made in the beautiful gardens of Grail Haven Tamborine Mountain, Australia in 2007 by custodian Geraldine Taylor-Wood.  The flowers are an eclectic mix of native Australian, Oriental, African, Americas & European.Empowering the individual through natural healing from the plant kingdom.

Geraldine, after a lifetime of spiritual practices, became the channel for the making of the ‘Mother Tinctures’ that are now one of the three flower essences incorporated in the teachings of The Endeavour College of Natural Health around Australia.

Guidance came directly from the deva’s, or ‘spirit beings’ of the plants.  The process from the visionary ‘seeing’ of the devas to the 38 Essences took three years.

The ‘grail’ of these essences is the pure, radiant White Rose.  This is the only one of the thirty-eight Essences Geraldine suggests putting in a spray. Use around you when mixing with other people or just after.  This has been utilised for meditation rooms, yoga classes, in monasteries in Singapore and also to cleanse crystals.  The White Rose deva was a most incredible angelic being. Please see the website or book for further information.


For more information please see website

BOOK: Grail Haven Flower Essences. ORACLE CARDS and Online Practitioners Course