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Ways to Stay Positive!

What’s happening in the world right now is unlike anything we’ve experienced before in our lifetimes and is increasing stress levels exponentially as we witness unimaginable turmoil in our global community.

The deprivation of our usual ‘go to’ gratifications like having a facial, catching a movie with a friend, going to the hairdresser, meeting up for a quick lunch may leave us confronted with feelings of grief, fear, anger and loneliness and turning to alcohol and binging on food, social media and the news.

If this sounds familiar, just take a minute to remind yourself to ‘be the observer’ and step outside of the emotional spiral.  We are not our emotions, like clouds moving across the sky, they too come and go. You can pull out of this by establishing routines that will contribute rather than contaminate your mindset and energy to keep your immunity strong.

It’s time to really up our self-care, do things that give us joy, make us feel good and keep us positive.


Here’s some tools to feel more positive…

Make sure you are hydrating properly.  Our body de-hydrates quickly when we’re stressed and not hydrating leads to other problems like lack of sleep, brain fog, constipation, fatigue.  You want to be having about 33ml per kilo of body weight to keep your body hydrated.

Be mindful about your thoughts.  If you’re on social media there are plenty of positive things to engage in, stay away from the negative posts and videos they will drag you down.  You might want to read that motivational book you’ve wanted to and didn’t have time.  Meditating daily, even for just 10 minutes will help keep you grounded and calm.  There are plenty of mediation apps you can listen too if you need to follow along.

Move your body.  Spending more time at home, you might be sitting on the computer or in front of the TV more.  Staying at ‘Club Sofa’ or ‘Club Doona’ all day is not a good option.  Our bodies need to move otherwise our Qi (our life force energy) stagnates and makes us less likely to feel like moving or doing anything, so becomes a downward spiral.  Go for a walk, find an online yoga class, or do some stretches (let me suggest 5 Easy  Stretches to Balance Your Qi)

Rest and sleep.  Sleep quality is important for strengthening our immune system and to maintain a healthy nervous system.  Listening to your body, particularly in times of change or stress is so important.  Be aware of signs of fatigue, take a short nap in the afternoon or take yourself to bed earlier.

Spend time in nature.  If you’re working from home (take a look at Tips for Working From Home) or just feeling stuck or trapped, even frustrated, spending just 10 minutes out in the garden can make a difference.  Sitting under a tree, laying on the grass or walking outside in nature will shift your energy and your mindset.

Remember to ‘Let go’.  With all the uncertainty and change we’re dealing with, it’s important to consciously let go.  Try things like journaling to get our all your thoughts, judgements, emotions – just let them spill out onto the page/s for five to ten minutes every day if you’re feeling stressed.  Do some deep breathing to relax your body. Often when your stressed you’re breathing can become shortened or at times you may forget to breath.  Becoming aware of the breath and the body, taking a few deep breaths and consciously ‘letting go’ with the out breath will help you feel calmer. (let me suggest The thirty-six breaths)

Try integrating these tools  into your daily routine especially at times when you’re feeling stressed.  See which ones work best for you and contribute the most to keep you positive!  Be gentle with yourself and others.

Love and joy,



Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash