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Physiological benefits of the Zen Chi Machine

The Zen Chi machine has been around now for many years and is a great way to care for your body.  Here are some of the benefits…

Strong Joints:  The swaying motion of the Zen Chi exercises all the joints your body and improved blood circulation and increased oxygen absorption assist with the removal of acids while delivering nutrients to the where they are needed.

More Energy:  Increasing your metabolism with aerobic exercise increases mitochonrial activity within muscle and nerve cells.

Enhanced Internal Organ Functions:  The swaying motion of the Zen Chi massages internal organs to help peristalsis, prevent constipation and assists detoxification.

Relieves Stress:  Using the Zen Chi is a very relaxing experience, it is effortless and at the same time invigorating.

Increased Breathing Capacity:  Aerobic exercise enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells, and stimulates metabolism by increasing circulation.

Spinal and nerve balance:  The Zen Chi helps strengthen the muscles around the spine, assisting the body to naturally realign the vertebrae and promote healthy nerve impulses to all the internal organs.

Weight Loss:  Using the Zen Chi improves the body’s metabolism which stimulates fat burning while also reducing harmful fluid build up (fluid retention).

“I highly recommend the Zen Chi Machine, I use it myself and recommend it to clients on a regular basis for improving circulation, back pain, hip mobility, improving energy and just to relax and feel great” Benjamin Deutscher N.D

Remember…. Fifteen minutes on the Zen Chi machine is equivalent to walking 4.5 Kilometres!  Learn more by reading my past blog

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