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Mind Body Heart Awareness… a daily practice


This is a great practice to start your day that some of you may already know from working with me.  It is simple and can be done in as little as five to ten minutes, any time you are needing to restore a sense of calm and balance.

To prepare…

The best time…  I like to do this first thing in the morning though it is also beneficial any time during the day if you are feeling stressed… or finding it difficult to stay focussed.

Choose a quiet place… where you will be without distractions or interruptions from family, pets, phone, etc.

Make sure you’re comfortable…  sitting in an upright position on a chair or on the floor with a yoga cushion or bolster, or lying down

 The process…

Take some deep breaths… Allow your eyes to close gently and begin to focus on your breath.  As you breathe out, letting go of any tension in your body, really relaxing.

Bring your awareness to your body, pull energy to your body and notice what part of your body your attention is drawn to… your shoulders, back, belly?

Just noticing that part of your body and what’s there… any sensation of tension, a heaviness, tightness, tingling….  just notice….  nothing to change.  Then thank that part of your body as you breathe into it and relax

Pull light to the neck and shoulders….  Have the the intention that you are ready to let go of that heaviness or tightness, now.

Imagine that light flowing all through your neck and shoulders.  Thank your neck and shoulders for everything that they do for you….   for the burdens they carry, for the tensions they’ve held.  Just paying attention to your neck and shoulders…  nothing to change, just sensing what’s there sending love to your neck and shoulders as you breathe out and relax

Progressively move through your body thanking it for all the support that it has given you over the years, for all of the pleasure that it has given you, for all the places that it has taken you.

The more you learn to listen to your body, the more easily you will notice the sensations that arise, first the smaller things or the most insistent thing at that time.

Allow your attention now to shift gently as you pull light into your belly and your hips, down your legs, relaxing and noticing any sensations….  nothing to change.

Feel the light as it moves through your belly and down your legs.  Thank your belly for digesting the food you eat.  Thank your hips and legs for all the support they’ve provided over the years, for the exercise, sport and dance you’ve been able to enjoy, for all the places they’ve allowed you to go.  Send love to your belly, hips and down your legs as you breathe out and relax

Then bring your focus to your mind.  Thank your mind for everything that it does to protect you.  Thank it for its thoughts and ideas, its intelligence.  Pull light into your mind as you sit in stillness…   just noticing… without changing anything

Pull light to your body and mind…  allow it to flow down through the top of your head and through every cell of your body.  Know that your body is there to support you, your mind is there to serve you and that they will work together with you always.

Now bring your attention to your chest and heart area and remind yourself you’re in a safe place as you pull light into your heart, noticing any emotions or anxiety, any intense feelings.  Send love to your heart space as you allow it to soften and open, knowing it’s safe for you to be yourself as you breathe out and relax

When you’re ready, get a sense of your body, mind and heart….  take a few deep breaths, allow your eyes to open and take this into your day

This is a simple practice, that is best done daily and yet can be done at any time you feel the need to.

If you have anything come up that you find unsettling, contact me to make a time for a zoom or phone consultation to help with clearing any issues that have come to the surface for you


Photo by Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash