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What’s Draining Your Energy?


Our life-force energy allows us to get things done and maintain a healthy level of mind-body wellbeing.  In this current environment it pays to be mindful of our life-force energy even more than usual.  Think of it like your bank account – if you keep making withdrawals and aren’t making any deposits, you’ll eventually go into debt….. it’s the same with our life-force energy!  If you continue to allow things to drain your energy and you’re not doing things that bring you joy to elevate your energy levels, you will eventually become depleted or burn out.

To help you identify where your energy is being leaked, take a look at the checklist of common energy drains I’ve seen over the years of working with people.  Before you begin, take a few deep breaths and connect and ask for guidance from your wise self.  When you consider each item, an easy way to know what’s draining you is to use light and heavy.  If it feels light – it’s right for you, if it feels heavy – it’s draining you and you need to let it go or change it.  You might like to note the ones with a really high charge and start doing something to change those first.

Your Environment:

  • My wardrobes/cupboards need clearing out
  • My home is cluttered and disorganised
  • My home needs a makeover to reflect my own personality and to nurture me
  • I’d like to live somewhere else that better suits my lifestyle
  • I’ve been watching too much television/news
  • I’m listening to/reading too much news
  • My car needs cleaning/repairing


  • I spend too much time of social media
  • I need to clear out old files on my computer
  • My social media pages need clearing of people who are not aligned with me now
  • I have people in my life who phone or see me when they need help or to offload their latest drama
  • I lack like-minded, quality friendships in my life
  • There is a phone call, email I am putting off making that’s causing me anxiety/stress
  • I need to end my relationship with …………..
  • I need to forgive myself for …………


  • I’m not happy in my job and dread going to work each day
  • My desk/files/office need re-organising so I’m more efficient and can find things easily
  • Work is stressful and I feel exhausted at the end of the day
  • I feel overwhelmed with all the emails, webinars, messages I have to deal with each day
  • I’m not up with technology and it frustrates me as it affects my productivity
  • My office setup/equipment does not allow me to do my best work
  • I need to delegate tasks but find it hard to let go
  • I put up with being treated/spoken to badly by co-workers or boss

Mind, Body & Spirit:

  • I want to exercise but don’t have the time
  • I lack activities/interests that bring me joy
  • I don’t feel good in my clothes
  • My hair/makeup hasn’t changed since I was a teenager
  • I don’t have any personal interests that are mentally stimulating
  • I’ve put on weight
  • I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time
  • I eat food that’s not good for me
  • I’ve avoided going to the doctor about a health concern
  • I don’t have a religious or spiritual practice in my life


  • I spend more than I earn
  • I have credit card debt
  • I don’t have a budget
  • I forget to pay bills or pay them late
  • I haven’t done my tax
  • I live hand to mouth
  • I don’t have a savings plan
  • I don’t have a plan for my financial future
  • My will is not up to date

When you’ve reviewed the list (you may even think of things to add to it) you can prioritise them and begin handling the things you’ve been avoiding or putting up with.  As you deal with them one by one you will feel an immediate energy boost each time to restore your energy and motivation!

Let me know how you go – drop me a line


Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash