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7 Ways to Begin Your Self-Care

Do your days seem to be blurring into one?  You’re working from home and trying to balance home schooling, the washing, cooking, cleaning, pets and your relationship!

In the back of your mind you hear that little voice – need to exercise, drink more water, eat healthier, meditate, do yoga.  Get back to a good daily routine and stick to it.  Learn new skills. Be kinder. And on and on.

Another day passes and you didn’t do any self-care the voice keeps reminding you of and it just feels like it another thing ‘to-do’ that you didn’t get too…. Grrrr!

Good news is…..  If you’ve found this blog, you’ve taken the first step by showing up here!

To break the cycle and start to put your Self-care first, begin by allocating one hour a day in your calendar just for You.  If you can’t manage a one hour block, break it down – 2 x 30 mins or 3 x 20mins throughout the day.

If it feels too much to make this happen, stop giving yourself a hard time and just make a start, adding just one or two things at a time you’ll start to create nurturing habits effortlessly and you can keep growing it as you go and uplifted to do more!

So let’s explore some simple steps to create your self-care healthy habits….

  1. Start your day by honouring yourself: Here’s how I like to create my day:  I wake up, have a glass of water, write my morning pages, make a lemon water, then meditate for 20 minutes (you might start with 10 mins)  Next I do some Makko Ho stretches or yoga. Starting the day with a good practice is expansive and fills you up and sets the scene for a great day!  Waking up and checking facebook, emails or turning on the drains your energy . If you need to set the alarm 15-30 minutes earlier to create the space for your new daily self-care it will be well worth it.  I’m sure after a couple of weeks you’ll be looking forward to it.
  2. Start your engine! “You are what you eat” and choosing a breakfast that is nourishing and energising, makes a great start to the day.  If you were going on a road trip, you’d fill up your car with fuel before taking off.  So, it’s the same with your body – it needs the fuel, an energising breakfast full of nutrients to give you a boost and start your day.  Think rolled oats with blueberries, celery juice and avocado toast or a healthy smoothie.  If you really can’t give up your coffee, just refrain from having it first thing and move it to mid-morning.  When your body adjusts to your new habit of a power packed breakfast you’ll find you won’t crave the coffee!
  3. 10,000 steps per day! Walking…. it doesn’t require any equipment, memberships, just a good pair of shoes.  You can do it anywhere, it improves left/right brain balance to increase mental clarity, reduces belly fat, lifts your mood and your energy!
  4. Nourishment on all levels: In Wu Tao dance we learn from Oriental medicine to be able to take in and receive what we need from the world around us, we need to be nourished in many ways.  Physically, by the air, food and water we take in.  Mentally, we need the nourishment of knowledge and a stimulating environment.  Emotionally we need love and security.  If your bowl is empty in any of these areas, it may lead to over-compensating in the others, eg.  over-eating may be compensation for not receiving enough love or nurture.  Consider each of these areas and whether your receiving what you might need to maintain or gain balance on all levels.  Is it a more stimulating job, more time with your family, getting a pet, dancing, cooking?  What is it that will make you feel truly nourished?  Add whatever that is into your days.
  5. Mindfulness: Just 10 minutes each day you will notice the benefits.  Start out easy – listen to a guided meditation, practice Mind Body Heart Awareness, or The thirty-six breaths.  Choose something that resonates with you and makes you feel good or try mixing them up, alternating them.
  6. Move your body: Even just 10-20 minutes, whether it’s dance, yoga, qi gong, going for a run, doing some stretches or letting loose to some loud music at home will totally change your energy and get you motivated!  Remember 10 minutes every day is better than 20 or 30 minutes now and then!  Your body will thank you for it and you’ll feel better to take on the world.
  7. Be Kind to Yourself: Listen to your body… if you’re having an energy slump, try taking a 20 break to meditate or nap to recharge your batteries.  Listen to your thoughts…. If they’re negative or you’re giving yourself a hard time about things you didn’t get done, take a breath and focus on the things you did get done, the things that made you feel good and what you can do next towards creating your life the way you want it to be.

Choose one thing today to nurture yourself and begin your self-care practice.  Let me know what it is – I’d love to hear!

Ease and Joy

Wendy x


Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash