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What’s Your Intention for 2021?

“When an archer draws their bow they wait for the perfect moment to release the tension. Then the potential energy is liberated, and the arrow flies towards its target.  In the pause between those two movements, it might feel as if nothing’s going to happen.  The shift between stillness and action is almost imperceptible.  Yet once the process is underway, it’s impossible to halt.  There’s no turning back.

Imagine what could happen if everything goes to plan?  What does ‘the best’ look like?  What would it feel like to know that you’ve achieved something you really want?  Project that image; chase it – and you may find you end up very close to it indeed.” …. Oscar Cainer

When I read this last week it resonated and perfectly describes the energetic shift that takes place when we make a intention of something we want to create or show up in our life.  That moment we make a conscious intention, often from a place of being stuck, it is projected out into our future for new opportunities to show up.  By remaining open and unattached to the outcome, the shift occurs and it shows up faster.

What would it be like to make money doing work you love?  
What if you could have elevated wellbeing, unlimited energy?
Would you like to banish burnout?

It’s been a turbulent year for everyone across the world and we’ve had time to review the things that are important to us.  Now is a good time to set our intentions, tap into our resilience, to create the life you love in 2021 !!


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay