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5 Ways to Becoming More Resilient 


Self-awareness is knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  When we have this awareness and know who we are it enables us to understand others and choose how we respond or react to them.

Do some free flow writing on the following ….

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

What beliefs do I have that hold me back?

What thoughts, feelings emotions do I frequently have?  Are they really mine?


Self-care is the ‘practice’, the actions we take to improve or maintain our mental, emotional, physical and wellbeing and to have a good relationship with oneself.  Remember we are all unique individuals, and all have different needs to function at our best in the world.

Do some free flow writing re the following ….

What morning/daily practices uplift my mental and emotional wellbeing? (Are you doing them?)

How am I maintaining my physical fitness? (Are you doing this 3+ times per week?) 

Am I eating nourishing foods?

Do I care for my body? (Baths, Massage, Sleep etc)



Mindfulness is about being in the present moment.  Being in a state of open awareness. Becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, without judgement.  Just noticing them and allowing them to pass like a leaf floating by on the river.

Respond to the following ….

What daily mindfulness practice/s do I have? (eg. meditation, yoga, qi gong, time in nature, etc)

What are some everyday activities where I could integrate mindfulness? (eg. washing dishes, preparing meals)


Supportive Relationships

Supportive relationships are the people around us who love who we are and what we do.  They support and care for us as we do for them.  Positive relationships with others allow us to experience the human connection and improves our health, happiness and contentment.

Respond to the following…

Who is my inner circle? 

What qualities do I love about them?  What do they love about me?

What do I learn from them?  What do they learn from me?



Passion is “The deep inner drive to reach for what you love”.  Being connected with our passions energises and inspires us and can transform our lives in meaningful ways.   Creating your Personal Passion Map™ enables you to connect and stay attuned with your passions so you can act from a place of empowerment.

Do some free flow writing re the following ….

What are three (or more) things I am passionate about and why?

Am I actively doing these things? What is stopping me?

What would it take to start doing these things now?

How would that make my life different?


Have fun with this, don’t make it too difficult.  If you’d like to learn more about how you can take this work further, book a complimentary discovery session with me.


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash