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Burnout and Boundaries : Don’t Lose Your Energy and Money!

Burnout is when we’ve been running on empty for way too long. It’s when we’ve experienced prolonged stress mentally, physically and emotionally and once we’re emptied out, it takes a long time to restore.

Working hard and putting in long hours isn’t what’s important.  Getting the results matters and you’ll do better by setting boundaries and putting in less hours.  Remember the Turtle and the Hare!  Slow and steady!

Being burnt out can not only negatively affect your energy levels, but also your money flow.

Here’s some ways burnout can be detrimental and costing you and your bank account….

  • Greater risk of illness or chronic diseases
  • Increased sick leave taken can result in loss of income
  • Sabotaging time with friends, family and lack of social life
  • Spending too much for convenience by ordering take-away or home delivery meals
  • Reduced work performance may lead to missing out on the next promotion or raise
  • Paying people to do things you’d normally do yourself – cleaning, gardening, laundry

It’s important to learn how to create boundaries and have a balanced life.  Start becoming aware of how you feel throughout the day.  Notice how you feel after speaking with people you interact with or after seeing your to-do list or those fifty plus emails in your inbox.

Here’s some ways to set some boundaries

  • Every morning spend time to journal – What you’d like your day to be like.  What you want to happen.  What you’d like to feel at the end of the day.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ graceful.  If you’re asked to take on another project and you’re already on overload, try saying something like… “Thank you for asking me to do this but based on my current schedule, I would need support”
  • Prioritise – What needs doing?  What can wait? What can you delegate, or scratch altogether?
  • Take time out for a coffee, an hour break for lunch to get out away from the chaos

If you’re feeling you could be heading for burnout or heading, with a little effort you can break out of your bad habits before it’s too late. You can start now by taking a step back from work and forming an action plan to reset and beat burnout!

Wendy x


Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash