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How To Write A Letter to Your Future Self


Writing a letter to your future self, to You 12 months from now, starts the energy in motion to create who you’ll be and what you’re doing. How you want to be living your life and showing up 12 months from now.  It’s an invitation to expand your reality, ignite the energy of that vision you have for yourself 12 months from now. Putting it in writing is the first step!


What would it be like when you read this letter back to yourself in a year’s time? What would it be like when you’re reminded of how far you’ve come since writing the letter and can tick off the things you’ve achieved in that time? Even the things you may have thought you were kidding yourself about, but you made them happen!


Before you begin, find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted or interrupted for an hour or so and sit down with pen and paper [or laptop].  This is a free form writing exercise [forget about grammar etc] just let the words come onto the page like doing your morning pages. Take a few long slow breaths and begin your letter, responding to the prompts below….





Dear  [insert your name]


What I want to leave behind in 2021 and fully release is…..


What do I want to change? …..


What I need to remember is…..


What I want to be, do, create in 2022 is…



Print Your Letter and Place it in a Sealed envelope. Write your Name on the outside with a Future Open Date 12 Months from Now.  You might want to give it to a friend to hold for you so you don’t take a sneak peak before that date. Add a reminder in your phone or calendar for the date to open your letter and who has it or where you tucked it away.


Have fun with this exercise!  It’s empowering and opens you up to create greater possibilities in your life – I know it has for me over the years.  It’s also a way of being witness to your own journey.


Let me know how it goes… I’d love to hear!


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash