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Meditation is all about working with energy.
Energy is inside of me, inside of you, inside everything around us.
The process of meditation is first understanding energy and then
concentrating that energy on a single point of focus. ~ Dandapani


Join Live Online – 8 Week Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Course

Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) involves choosing to direct your attention on the present moment experience, connecting deeply with oneself and finding the ever-present Stillness that is our true nature.

MBSM is a practice taught for many years in all programs at the Yarra Valley Living Centre, the home of The Gawler Foundation, where Wendy trained.  It requires no prior experience and is suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators.


Next Course Starts:  Monday 16 January 2023 11am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney time)

Numbers are limited

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MBSM is an effective tool for:

 Dealing with stress and anxiety.

 Understanding the nature of the thinking mind and its strengths and limitations.

 Promoting health and wellbeing.

 Relaxing physically and unwinding emotionally.

 Calming a busy mind and experiencing peace.

 Developing awareness and accessing inner wisdom.

 Casual, comfortable clothing and the meditation space is a shoe-free zone.

Wendy Nash has been meditating for many years and has taught meditation within her spiritual and transpersonal work and as a core element of classes, workshops and retreats for over 15 years and believes it is a powerful tool for healing and wellbeing.

Pricing : Online Course

8 Week Course  :  8 weeks  $97  – approx 90 mins per week (includes worksheets)

Next Course Starts  :  Monday 16 January 2023   11.00am AEST (Melbourne/Sydney time) 

Once your payment has been received you will sent an email with a zoom link to attend.

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