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This program is about You!  The core of who you are and the essence of what energises and inspires you. Using the Passion Mapping™ technique, I take you on a journey to get you out of your head, connect with your heart and be with your body.


Week 1 – Self Reflection

You are invited to explore what lights you up! You will receive your Personal Passion Maps Workbook to complete in your own time.  It’s a week of personal reflection and exploration to prepare you for our first live session via zoom in Week 2.

Week 2 – Discover

In our first live session via zoom, you will clarify and connect with your passion elements and find the language to best capture their essence to build a strong foundation for your map.

Week 3 – Activation

In this live session via zoom, I guide you to connect with the essence of your passion elements and embody their potent energy.

 Week 4 – Meaning & Purpose

Live session via zoom, where you’re led through a creative process to gain clarity about your life aspiration and a sense of what makes your life most meaningful.

Week 5 – Visioning

This live session via zoom completes your Passion Map journey and brings it to life creating a real sense of future possibilities. You’ll experience what it would be like to be fully living your passions and unique purpose. 

30 Day – Check In

30 days after our Visioning session, we meet live via zoom to check in on your experience since completing your Passion Map. This is an opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen and ask about any support or resources you would like, moving forward.

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What would it be like to:


✦  Discover what you are passionate about?
✦  Deepen and validate your sense of self ?
✦  Learn new skills for self-insight and life balance?
✦  Create a rich picture of potential for your life and work?
✦  Develop focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose?
✦  Find ways to live your passions and align them to your vision?
✦  Generate energy, excitement, creativity and courage in your life

Renew Your Passion and Mind-Body Connection!

Connect to What Lights You Up and Attract Greater Possibilities


The Passion Mappingjourney gets you out of your head so you can listen to your own inner voice and soul intelligence. Those who have created their Passion Map gain clarity around their priorities and values. And they feel a sense of more meaning and purpose in their life and work.


What’s included in the program…

✦  Initial Free Discovery call
✦  1 x workbook for self-reflection
✦  4 x 1:1 sessions Live via zoom
✦  Unlimited email support between sessions
✦  1 x check in call after 30 days to see how your progressing

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6 Stage 1:1 Live Online Program :  AUD$1297


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