Ignite Your Inner Power and Joy


This program is about You!  The core of who you are and the essence of what energises and inspires you. The Passion Mapping™ program takes you on a journey to get you out of your head, find your inspiration and align with your flow.

Are you unable to make important decisions?
Unclear about what your passions are?
Do you lack energy, excitement, and creativity in your life?
Do you feel disconnected from the essence of who you are?
Feeling off balance?
Are you struggling to think straight with all the chaos around you?


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Find Your Inspiration and Align With Your Flow


The Passion Mappingjourney opens you to listen to your own inner voice and soul intelligence. Those who have created their Passion Map gain clarity around their priorities and values. And they feel a sense of more meaning and purpose in their life and work.


What’s included in the program…

✦  Initial Free Strategy call
✦  1 x workbook to explore key themes around your passions and visions
✦  3 x 2hr 1:1 sessions to connect with your passions and what is important in your life and work
✦  Unlimited email support between sessions
✦  1 x one month check in call to review your progress and to provide any support needed.

on mapping

passion mapping

What would it be like to:


✦  Discover what you are passionate about?
✦  Deepen and validate your sense of self ?
✦  Learn new skills for self-insight and life balance?
✦  Create a rich picture of potential for your life and work?
✦  Develop focus on what gives your life meaning and purpose?
✦  Find ways to live your passions and align them to your vision?
✦  Generate energy, excitement, creativity and courage in your life

Renew Your Passion and Mind-Body Connection!



6 Stage 1:1 Live Online Program :  AUD$1297


Yes, I want to Activate my Passion and Purpose   Want to know more? Book a Free Chat!