The Art of Self Care Reflection Journal


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The Art of Self Care – Reflection Journal

This reflection journal invites you to step back from the busywork of caring for others and meeting the needs and demands of everyone else in your life to focus on your wants and needs. Filled with inspiring insights that will resonate with anyone who has pushed themselves to the end of the line and needs help to make themselves and their well-being a priority.

Unlike many other self-care books, this guides you with a whole life approach that helps you create balance and harmony in all aspects of your everyday life, including your physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being.

This book is filled with insights from wellness leaders. Their knowledge and experiences will teach you how to make yourself a priority. With balance comes harmony. Heed the lessons. Absorb the information. Take notes and make the necessary changes to live a life that’s in sync with your goals, your dreams, and who you are from the inside out.

Each page contains input from wellness experts. What you’ll find inside includes:

🤍 Relaxation techniques

🤍 Guided meditations

🤍 How to use energy healing as part of your self-care practice

🤍 How to communicate your needs effectively

🤍 Lessons on self-worth, self-love, and building self-confidence

And so much more!

Taking care of ourselves first doesn’t come naturally for most women, but with a little practice, doing so will prove how vital it is take the time to treat ourselves right.

Be sure to grab your copy, so you can start living from an empowered life starting with your self-care