Wu Tao Dance

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What to expect


Experience how music and dance are showing to be powerful tools for improving health and well-being

Which body systems are being impacted by any stress you may be experiencing

How a Chinese Medicine approach to health can help you take control of your stress

A 10 minute stretch routine that you can do at home

Ways to find peace amidst life’s many challenges

Some easy dance moves that will leave you feeling energised and grounded in a very short space of time

That you can experience inner peace, joy and feel comfortable in your body

You are a new teacher wanting to expand your knowledge with teaching the dances and practices to better cater to students needs in a class setting


Wu Tao Dance combines the powerful music, calming meditation and energising dance in one unique exercise that is practiced by thousands across the globe. The true healing power of Wu Tao dance therapy lies in its accessibility; anyone can practice it. The balancing movements are dynamic yet flowing and easy to follow, meaning there is no stress on any part of your body. Through grace, energy and authentic self-expression, Wu Tao Dance will help restore balance and joy to your life.

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Beginners Course : 6 Weeks, Casual Class, Block of 10 Classes, Intro Workshop, One Day Workshop, Private Session : 75 mins, Block of 4 Private Sessions