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“Burnout is your soul’s way of getting you to pay attention, to listen to your body.  It’s a chance to recognise when something’s off, to take a step back and look at what might need to change in your life”  Is it your job, environment, relationships? 

I can help you discover what is draining you.  Learn ways to up your self-care that work for you.  Elevate your energy levels.  Experience more joy and restore balance in your life and living.  

While burnout has been long associated with job-related stress and heavy demands in the workplace, I believe burnout is just as prevalent if not more influential in this new digital world, where more of us continue to work from home. Burnout has become easier to hide behind our screens and digital communications.


“I found burnout to be more a soul-tired kind of exhaustion from prolonged stress, inadequate support and lack of work-life balance and self-care.   Basically, it’s when you’re contributing to others more than yourself.”


How does burnout manifest?

Burnout can manifest in many ways.  It may be an increasing feeling of overwhelm ‘I can’t keep going’ and is often the result of prolonged stress, an excessive work overload, unrealistic expectations, lack of adequate support and poor work-life balance and insufficient or a total lack of self-care!


Who does it affect?

More commonly businesswomen and entrepreneurs in their 30s, 40s or early 50s experience work related burnout as they’re trying to juggle the demands of corporate life or small business with relationship and in some cases children. Other critical stages can be at times of divorce or later when being carer with the declining health of elderly parents.

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