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You don’t need to meditate on a mountain to feel deep inner peace… just Wu Tao Dance!


Wu Tao Dance carries you through those times when you find life’s challenges stressful….

Would you like to feel energised, restore your vitality?


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Do you need ways to maintain emotional balance, peace of mind AND a healthy body?

The True Healing Power


Wu Tao Dance combines the powerful music, calming meditation and energising dance in one unique exercise that is practiced by thousands across the globe. The true healing power of Wu Tao dance therapy lies in its accessibility; anyone can practice it. The balancing movements are dynamic yet flowing and easy to follow, meaning there is no stress on any part of your body. Through grace, energy and authentic self-expression, Wu Tao Dance will help restore balance and joy to your life.

A transformative practice with carefully designed dance, music and meditation that helps you heal.

What to expect


•  Experience how music and dance are showing to be powerful tools for improving health and well-being.
•  Which body systems are being impacted by any stress you may be experiencing.
•  How a Chinese Medicine approach to health can help you take control of your stress.
•  A 10 minute stretch routine that you can do at home.
•  Ways to find peace amidst life’s many challenges.
•  Some easy dance moves that will leave you feeling energised and grounded in a short space of time.
•  That you can experience inner peace, joy and feel comfortable in your body.

Pricing : Group Sessions


Intro Workshop:  $60

Beginners Course:  6 weeks $120

Classes:  Casual  $22;  Block of 10  $170

Workshops: One Day 10am – 4pm  $180

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Why do I teach Wu Tao Dance?


Because when I’m in that space everything else falls away and it’s just me, who I truly be…. with those I dance with, the floor, the space and pure joy. Connection with those in the class… oneness.

I am humbled by the changes that I witness in the regular dancers who, for that hour, leave their worries, frustrations and pretence behind and choose to be seen, to be free and soak up and embody the richness of being in a safe place where they can just ‘Be’ and flow with the energy.

I have gratitude and am honoured to hold the space for others to shift what is not serving them, what they no longer need to carry and witness the changes in them…. The sparkle returns in their eyes, the relaxation to again feel comfortable in their body and the opening of their heart, the softening of their thoughts. Without judgment they can be seen for who they truly be and the ripples flow into all areas of their life.

Wu Tao Dance

My Wu Tao Training & Experience


When I attended the first Melbourne Introductory Workshop for Teachers “it felt like coming home. Until that day, I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed dance in my life”.

In 2004 I became one of the first Wu Tao teachers in Melbourne and the Wu Tao Coordinator for Victoria, running many regular classes and workshops.  Also I had the honour of facilitating the Wu Tao Teacher Trainings in Victoria for some years to follow.

In 2009/2010 following the Black Saturday fires, I taught Wu Tao in a number of schools as part of the Yarra Valley Practitioner Project, an initiative to assist those affected by the fires.

In 2012 and 2013 I taught Wu Tao to 1st year students at the Australian Shiatsu College as part of their self-care practice.

Reasons to Book a Private Session


In your private Wu Tao sessions we can focus on your individual needs or any issues you wish to work through to release and clear them from your mental, physical or spiritual body. It allows the space for a therapeutic changes to take place to free you from the effects of injury or illness.

Together we will explore what you and your body needs to bring about lasting change by freeing any blockages in your meridians and restoring free flowing chi (energy).

Pricing : Private Sessions

75 mins $150

4 x 75 min Sessions $500


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